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MVP089: How Games Unlimited Raised $11,085 in Under 24 Hours

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Kylie Prymus has been the owner of Games Unlimited in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania since 2015 but Games Unlimited is one of the original founding game stores in North America. Opening their doors for the first time in 1979, Games Unlimited has been serving the Pittsburgh community for decades, bringing people and games together the whole time.

With a special focus on being community oriented, family friendly game experts, Kylie and the Games Unlimited crew help people find the perfect game for their needs and have built a thriving business while doing so.

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  • How Kylie got into the game business and how he grew Games Unlimited after taking over the ownership in 2015.
  • Why your customer's trust is the most valuable asset your business can have.
  • The impact of the shutdowns on Games Unlimited and how Kylie kept the business going.
  • Honeycomb - "We raised $11,085 in our first day! As a business that relies heavily on customer relationships, giving my customers a way to support us during the shutdown is a win-win for both of us."
  • How Kylie found out about Honeycomb and what lead to the decision to give them a try.
  • Tips for game store owners that are struggling right now.

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