What to help out the Manaverse Podcast? Here are the best ways how:

1. Share The Manaverse Podcast With Your Friends

The more people who listen the better. If you know someone who might like the show, consider letting them know about it. If there are any entrepreneurial gamers in your life, point them our way. The buttons to your left are a great place to start.

2. The Manaverse Podcast On Patreon

The Manaverse Podcast is now on Patreon. It’s not mandatory, but if you do want to support the show, enjoy an extra warm feeling inside when you listen knowing you’ve help keep this project going.

manaverse podcast patreon

3. Manaverse Podcast T-Shirt

Show your support of the Manaverse Podcast by rocking an awesome T-shirt! Represent the show at your next tournament.

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