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Does your store's website look like it was made in the 90's? Was it actually made in the 90's?!

You know you need a website for your LGS. No one uses the yellow pages anymore and while having a Facebook page is a good start, it's not a replacement for an actual website. You have to figure out this web design thing but you've probably run into a few problems. Maybe:

  • You don't understand how the whole website/internet thing works.
  • You don't know how to build one that won't make your customers laugh at you.
  • Or you just don't have the time to do it yourself.

If any of this sounds like you, don't worry, you have found the solution. Allow me to build the web design for your business you've been dreaming about.

Read below about how I can help you create a website that will get your business found and have your customers talking.

Your website's HQ

Your website will come complete with a Content Management System that will allow you to manage your site's content, pages, and posts in real time. You will be able to add and remove pages, add links, images, and documents, and manage each aspect of your site easily from your dashboard. Good web design means an easy to use interface and stable, consistent performance. Your site won't be bogged down by cluttered code or heavy images.

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Search Engine Optimization

Having your website appear at the top of search results is an important way for your customers to find you. I will construct your site using web industry standards that will optimize it for search engine performance. Mobile friendly websites are the new baseline for powerful SEO, and your site will come mobile ready as part of the web design. SEO is like harnessing lightning, put the search engines to work for you.

Social Media Integration

Your website will come equipped with features that will make keeping up with social media easy, automatically connecting your site to the opportunities social media marketing represents. Like buttons, easy share buttons, and on page commenting will make it easier than ever for your customers to connect with your store.


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Excellent Support

Many web design companies have forgotten what it means to connect with their clients. You will have direct contact to me via phone or email if you need issues addressed during the process, often right away. When you choose me to build your store's website, I will work closely with you to achieve your vision. The job isn't done until you are satisfied with the results.


Your store's website will be built using WordPress, one of the most powerful web design platforms in existence. WordPress is an excellent system and so popular that 20%-25% of the entire internet is built on it. In addition to a solid platform, I will also handle your hosting, domain, and email setup. 

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What Sets Me Apartral zarek likes good web design

There are two things that make my services more valuable to you as a local game store owner. The first is I understand your business. I know your customers, I know your products, and I know your industry. There is no need to explain what your business is all about, Magic, gaming, and business is my forte. Why go to a company that does everything for everyone when you can go to a specialist.

The second thing that makes my services unique is this. I am invested in your success as a entrepreneur so part of each project I undertake is educating you on how to manage your website without me. Nearly every other web design company will create the website you are looking for, but they won't teach you how to use it. They want you to rely on them for updates, changes, and ongoing maintenance as part of the contract.

I propose a different way.

I will teach you or your employees how to take care of your new website once it's built. You will learn the skills necessary to handle everything yourself and save your business hundreds of dollars in the process.

Don't worry, if you aren't interested in the learning part and just want a "done for you" website, I also offer ongoing upkeep services as well.

Awesome, let's get started!

Great! Contact me to discuss the details and scope of the website you have in mind.

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