These are the websites, tools and resources that I find useful. I recommend them for people interested in becoming better Magic players or for those who love Magic: the Gathering and competitive games in general. I will be adding more to the list as I discover new resources to share them with you. Send me an email or leave a comment on the blog if you have a tool or resource that you love that you want to share with Magic players around the world.

Full disclosure, some of the below resources are affiliate links. If you click through and purchase I will receive a commission at no cost to you. Doing so will help keep this train rolling so thank you.

magic the gathering websites
  • Wizards of the Coast: There would be no Magic: the Gathering without these guys. For the latest news, announcements, and developments in the Magic world, this is the source.
  • Star City Games: The world's largest online Magic retailer. If you need a card, chances are you can get it at StarCity. If you want articles, they can be had at StarCity. They also run North America's largest tournament series outside of Wizards of the Coast's sanctioned events.
  • Channel Fireball: The other most popular online retailer and purveyor of Magic wares and articles, ChannelFireball has it all. Best part is all the articles and videos are available for free, no need for a premium subscription. How's that for value?
  • Mana Deprived: The home of Canadian Magic. The home of the Eh Team. If you play Magic in the great white north you should check this site out.
  • MtGCoverage: This one is relatively new but is totally sweet. Save yourself the time of digging through Youtube and to find the tournament coverage you crave, instead go to MtGCoverage and find exactly what you want, broken down round by round. An excellent resource for awesome coverage.
  • Speaking of Twitch, this is the site to go if watching live Magic is the thing for you. Whether it's a live tournament being broadcast over the weekend or some Modo action, will have you covered.
  • MtGSalvation: One of the best sites on the internet for Magic: the Gathering spoilers and rumours.
  • One of my favorite blogs about game design and balance. This website has a strong focus on competitive fighting games like Street Fighter as well as the games developed by David Sirlin himself such as Yomi and Puzzle Strike.
  • A simple and effective way to calculate the expected value of various events on Magic Online. It's a good tool to have on hand when playing online.
  • Bluehost: It's nearly an axiom at this point. All businesses need a website. Bluehost is one the least expensive and simple ways to get started online. Starting at $3.95 a month with a one click WordPress install, you can be up and online within 5 minutes with Bluehost.
  • PucaTrade: The best way to trade cards on the internet. Using a unique one sided trading system backed by a 100% guarantee, PucaTrade takes away the hassle and headache of finding the cards you need.
  • MTGGoldfish: The secret weapon used to stay on top of card prices and metagame shifts. A real gem for players and businesses.
magic the gathering websites
  • Next Level Magic: A guide to mastering Magic: the Gathering written by "the innovator" Patrick Chapin. A personal favorite of mine.
  • Next Level Deckbuilding: The most recent book written by Mr. Chapin, this book will take your deck building skills to the next level.
  • OMG - The Official Miser's Guide: A 30 day Magic: the Gathering training course by the world's foremost Magic author.
  • Grinder - The Brad Nelson Story: The tale of Brad Nelson and his journey to 2010 Player of the Year as told by Rich Hagon. A description of the effort and dedication it takes to become an "overnight" success.
  • Playing to Win: One of the best books you can read if your goal is to succeed in a competitive game. The principles in this book apply to more than just Magic. It's also available for free at so you have no excuse.
  • Magic Online: The definitive tool for developing your Magic the Gathering skills when you can't get down to your local game store. Log in at virtually anytime of day and play against some of the world's best players.
  • Boogie Board 8.5-Inch LCD Writing Tablet: Life pad version 2.0. Never forget a pen and paper for tracking life totals again. It's inexpensive, effective and a fantastic tool for Magic players.
  • Boogie Board ST1020001 Sync 9.7-Inch LCD eWriter, Black/orange: The next step above the basic model and the ultimate companion for serious Magic players. It functions as a life pad and is a great way to take notes about the games at hand or to keep track of your opponent's revealed cards. The Sync is the perfect tool for players planning on writing about their tournament experience after the fact because the Sync will save your written content and send it to your devices for later use.