MVP068: The Future Of MTG E-Commerce

MVP068: The Future Of MTG E-Commerce

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Nate Petersen is the owner of Backstage Hobbies and Games, West Michigan's premier vintage Video Game, Board Game, and Trading Card Game store. This episode isn't just a feature on Nate's game store in Michigan. Nate is also the Director of Retail Operations at ION Retail, which some of you may know as IMP POS. ION Retail is a software & subscription service for game store owners to manage their brick & mortar operations with online, eCommerce outlets.

Today we're going to dive into what's make ION Retail unique and why you should consider it for your game business and we'll also go into the backstory of Backstage Hobbies and Games.

Topics Covered

  • The origin story for IMP POS aka Ion Retail.
  • What makes Ion Retail different from other TCG e-commerce options.
  • How Nate started Backstage Games.
  • The moment(s) when Nate wanted to quit and walk away.
  • What you really need to find success in the game business.

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2 Responses

  1. Jon Tyler

    You guys not exactly correct as to how FBA inventory is stored. You can use commingled inventory, the way you described – all like items go into a common pool. However, you can also send in items as non-commingled. These items have a barcode sticker identifying them to a particular seller. When one of my items sells on Amazon, they only pull from my inventory, not the common pool.

  2. Tomtraplin

    Excellent point, you are indeed correct but I think the issue is that counterfeiters can opt to have their products placed in the commingled inventory in order to disguise their true origins. Maybe the solution here would be to, as retailers, avoid commingled inventory altogether and deprive the counterfeiters a place to hide their illegitimate product.