MVP063: How To Craft An Exceptional Experience

MVP063: How To Craft An Exceptional Experience

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One of the most common threads among the game stores that have been featured on this podcast is that they provide their customers with an exceptional experience. Each transaction in your business fundamentally comes down to how your customer feels before, during, and after it happens.

If a customer feels dissatisfied with the experience they are unlikely to make returning a priority or they may never come back at all if the negative emotion is strong enough. They may actually discourage others from becoming customers too.

If they have a strong positive experience while shopping or playing at your game store, they are far more likely to return and possibly bring their friends with them.

This applies to all businesses to some degree but for game stores, the customer experience is basically everything and that's the topic of today's episode.

Main Topics

  • Why Twitter over Instagram?.
  • Tracking your marketing ROI offline.
  • How do you provide an exceptional experience and what does it look like?
  • Describing your customer journey.
  • Why selling isn't a bad thing.
  • Collecting customer feedback to make better decisions.
  • The importance of the follow and email marketing. 
  • What are your core values and why they matter.

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2 Responses

  1. Darcy Leech

    Great discussion. Marketing is key to creating the Experience we want players to walk into. Love your content!

  2. Tomtraplin

    Thanks Darcy! Keep up the awesome work, I’m looking forward to doing the follow up interview and talking about how successful Mind Sculpt Games has become!