MVP058: Business is War – Mark Koh on MegaCorp

MVP058: Business is War – Mark Koh on MegaCorp

Megacorp was created and designed by Mark G. Koh, a serial tech founder with a lifelong love of card games and business. Growing up in Singapore, southeast Asia, Mark discovered tabletop games at an early age of 8- beginning with Advanced Dungeons and dragons. He wished to become a science fiction writer but lamented the huge disadvantage being born in an environment that neither the English medium or the genre would create a success. He subsequently gained a sideline as a ghostwriter for a decade, and 20 years later, Megacorp was conceived.
Mark was invited as a member of the ONLY non-American team to be part of Bluestartups (top 20 silicon valley accelerator) in their seventh Cohort and while representing SafeChats, an ultra-secure communication startup, he beat 26 teams and won the Mobile Challenge Asia Pacific competition in East Meets West Honolulu Hawaii, representing all of Asia in the world championship in Barcelona (Mobile World Congress 2016).
In this episode, we discuss the origins of Mark's new card game MegaCorp, the Kickstarter campaign that validated it, and the process of creating and publishing a new collectible card game.

Main questions asked:

  • How did MegaCorp come to be and how is it different from the other CCG's on the market?
  • What was the process of developing the game like?
  • Where there any major setbacks?
  • How did you find the people you ultimately teamed up with?
  • What was the biggest lesson you learned during the campaign?
  • Did you make any mistakes?

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