MVP053: The Problem With Pucatrade

MVP053: The Problem With Pucatrade

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The problems with Pucatrade are the subject of the show today, specifically the release of the Future Site update and the effects of its crumbling economy. After a fundraising campaign and many months of development time, Pucatrade's newest incarnation has left many of its user disappointed and wondering at the path the trading site has taken. When you add that into the inflation of the Pucapoint and Pucatrade is in a very precarious position. Let's explore some of the issues facing the trading service and see what conclusions we can draw for them.
For some back story, check out the interview I did with the founder of Pucatrade Eric Freytag in a past episode of the Manaverse Podcast.

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  • slane1974

    The episode linked is MPV052 not MVP053

  • Thanks for the heads up! Fixed.