MVP048: Round Table – Does your game store need a website?

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Many game store owners think their Facebook page is all they need to compete online and reach new customers. Tom Traplin, John Coviello, and Gary Sproul come together on this episode of the Manaverse Podcast to discuss the question: Does your game store need a website?

Spoiler: You sure do!

We break down the process of getting your game store online to make it simple and easy. We discuss the basics of choosing your domain name, getting the website hosted and online, and building a website that will get your visitors excited to become your customers.

Need a website to sell your products online? Check out Bluehost and you can sign up for web hosting at only $3.95/month. Why Bluehost you might ask? Why not GoDaddy or Host Gator? 

Nothing against either of those two options, I'm sure they both can do the job. But what it comes to hosting I like to keep things simple and reliable. Everything about Bluehost is easy, signing up is a breeze, installing WordPress takes a single click, and up time (the time your website is available and online) is nearly 100%. When I broke this site and needed to fix it, their customer support went in for me, removed the offending plugin, and got Manaversesaga back online in less than thirty minutes. 

It doesn't hurt that Bluehost's prices are very affordable and you can host multiple domains on a single hosting account. So far I've used Bluehost to host every domain I own so far. They can also scale with me as the site requirements go up, if you need something more robust, Bluehost has the tech to handle whatever kind of traffic your going to be looking at.

So if you need a website for your shop, you should check out Bluehost and sign up today. I don't think you'll regret it. Full disclosure, if you sign up through this link I will get a small commission at no cost to you, it helps keep the lights on around here 🙂

By the end of the show, you'll not only know why you need a website if you want to succeed in the modern information age, you'll also know how to get started.

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