MVP043: Round Table – Will Local Game Stores Survive?

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the future of gaming retail

The end of the local game store?

In this round table episode of the Manaverse Podcast Tom, Wayne and John discuss an article recently written by past guest of the show, Gary Ray. You can find Gary's interview on the podcast at MVP020: Black Diamond Games, Gary Ray, and the Magic Bubble.

Retail Headwinds and the Future Survivors talks about some upcoming changes and trends that will certainly affect the local game store businesses in North America. Will the effects be good or bad is the point of the conversation. One way or another, change is coming and you need to be prepared if you want your game store to survive and thrive in the near future. The topics of the show include the coming increases in minimum wage, changes in how salaried employees are paid, the end of volunteers, showrooming, and effect of games becoming a mass market phenomenon. Ultimate, we try to tackle the question of how to make it through the coming changes in our industry.

Join Tom, Wayne, and John in the conversation down below with what you think will happen.



Retail Headwinds and the Future Survivors

The Quest for Fun Blog (seriously, check this one out)

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