MVP040: Round Table – How To Run Great Events That Grow Your Game Store

shadows over innistradHow to run great events that grow your game store

Running events is one of the most effective ways to grow the community for your game store. If you do a good job organizing each one and provide a good experience, events can be an excellent source of revenue and increase sales, but they can also be a double edged sword. If you don't put in the effort, a poorly run event can harm your reputation and drive your customers away. It literally pays to know what makes an event great and that's the topic of today's episode.

For this episode I am joined by (in no particular order):

John Coviello, the owner of Little Shop of Magic in Las Vegas. Featured guest of the Manaverse Podcast, MVP015.

Wayne Mittlestaedt, the owner of Dueling Grounds in Toronto. Also a past guest of the show, MVP017.

Travis Parry, the owner of The Nerd Store in Greeley, Colorado. 

A customer's experience is what ultimately determines if an event is good or not so creating a great experience for everyone is vital to success. On that subject we also discuss the article "Tabletop Gaming has a White Male Terrorism Problem" and what we as owner's and hobbyist's ourselves can do to make the community less toxic. Check out the article and leave a comment down below, I would love to know what you think!

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