MVP039: – From LGS To YouTube

MVP039: – From LGS To YouTube

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In the grim darkness of the deep internet, there is only war…

The featured guest for today’s episode of the Manaverse Podcast is Matthew Glanfield. Matt is the co-owner of the popular YouTube channel MiniWarGaming and the website There you can find a plethora of content like battle reports and painting tutorials¬†on a variety of games including Warhammer 40k, Warmachine, and X-Wing.

Matt and his partner Dave have used the YouTube platform to build an audience for the membership area of their website known as the Vault. The story of how they transitioned from local game store to media company is a fascinating one and Matt has a lot of tips and insights to offer on using video and the internet to market your LGS on this episode.

We also cover:

  • Games Workshop and their approach to the internet in general.
  • Experimenting in order to find out what works and what doesn’t.
  • Why trying new things is important to staying relevant.
  • E-commerce and social media for the games industry.
  • Building an audience.

Check out and tell Matt you heard him on the Manaverse Podcast!


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