MVP036: Checkmate with Black Knight Games

The featured guest on today's episode of the Manaverse Podcast is Jay Mason-Grant. Jay is the owner of Black Knight Games in Hamilton, Ontario. 

Jay has a pretty interesting origin story for how he got into the business, and yet the path he took is often overlooked by those who want to build their own LGS. Running an LGS is quite the undertaking so any experience you can get before hand can give you a decent advantage over those who just jump in. And what better place to learn the ropes of the miniatures industry than within the walls of a Games Workshop. 

While you're here, check out Black Knight Games' innovative Hero Rewards program. 

The other topics for this episode include:

  • The a-ha moment
  • Gaining experience before opening an LGS
  • Finding the perfect location and how to screw it up
  • Surprise, taxes!
  • Mentors and the role they can play in your life
  • Game space or no game space?

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