MVP034: The Nerd Haven Update – 5x The Haven

nerd haven

Nerd Haven v2.0

Welcome to a slightly delayed edition of the Manaverse Podcast.

Today’s podcast is an update with a previous guest. Roughly six months ago Aaron Tillman started up Nerd Haven with $500 and a laptop. Now, he’s expanded into a location with more than 5 times the space and picked up a new business partner. We dig into the details of the last few months and find out how they made it happen.

The topics for this episode include:

  • Privateer Press and the Pressgangers (that makes a decent band name)
  • How growing too fast can be a problem
  • Dealing with depression in business
  • Special orders
  • Why we need more Dragonball Z CCG players

Go and check out Nerd Haven on Facebook and say hello to Usidor the Wizard. Don't worry, that will make sense when you listen to the episode. Also check out Aaron's previous appearance on the Manaverse Podcast, MVP023.