MVP032: How To Run Massive Magic Tournaments And Other LGS Secrets With Kelly Ackerman Of Face To Face Toronto Part 1

Welcome to another episode of the Manaverse Podcast. We’re continuing the Face To Face Games series today, this time we’re back in Toronto with Kelly Ackerman. Kelly is the co-owner of the newest iteration of the Face To Face business, the aptly named Face To Face Toronto. This is part one of an awesome 2 part interview I recorded with Kelly and he is the current record holder for longest intro on the podcast so far.

Thirty five minutes of this episode is dedicated to the Kelly Ackerman origin story and if they are the only minutes you listen to you would still get a tonne of value out of it. You see, Kelly also holds the title for organizing the largest North American PTQ ever, the world if you don’t count PTQ’s associated with Grand Prix’s. And he breaks down exactly what he did to make the tournament so successful. There’s a tonne of stuff to take away from this episode and it’s only the first half! 

The topics for this episode include:

  • Building a Magic community from scratch
  • Becoming a judge
  • The biggest PTQ in North America
  • Getting Face To Face Toronto set up, the plans, the prep, the build
  • Building strategic alliances
  • Are we in a table top gaming renaissance?

Check out or go to the Face To Face Toronto Facebook and Twitter pages to get the lowdown on what Kelly is up to. If you haven't yet heard the previous episode of the Manaverse Podcast you can find my interview with KYT right here.