MVP031: Captain Canada Talks Being On The Pro Tour, Content Creation, And Building

In this edition of the Manaverse Podcast and over the next few weeks, I am excited feature one of the most well known names in Canadian Magic.

This particular episode our guest has competed on the Pro Tour twice, created and built the online home of Canadian Magic, hosts one of the best MTG podcasts on the internet The Eh Team, and recently became the media coordinator for Face To Face Games in Montreal. That’s right, today we’re talking to Kar Yung Tom, better known in the Magic community as KYT. KYT comes onto the podcast today to talk about how he built from scratch as well as his experience on the Pro Tour and his new role at Face To Face Games.

KYT takes us behind the scenes to show us how he created the online home for Canadian Magic and how that experience led him to working with the largest online Magic retailer in Canada. We explore the history of Manadeprived, the Mana Deprived Super Series, and how Face To Face ended up sponsoring the site. We also talk about what it’s like being the everyman pro Magic player and how it feels having players all over Canada root for KYT during events. 

During this episode we also talk about:

  • The history of KYT,, and Face To Face Games
  • The behind the scenes of the Pro Tour
  • What makes the Pro Tour one of the best run tournaments of all
  • The inner workings of organizing a Grand Prix
  • PPTQ's vs. PTQ's
  • Why content creation is so powerful

Check out what KYT is working on at and and if you haven't yet heard the previous episode of the Manaverse Podcast you can find my interview with Jordan Short right here.