MVP026: Derium’s CCGs Part Two

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This week's episode of the Manaverse Podcast is part two of the Derium's CCGs interview. If you haven't checked out part one, you should do that first. I'll wait.

Hey, glad you're back.

This is the episode where the guys and I dig into Derium's CCG crate business. What it is, how they did it, and an offer for those who want to get involved in the business. Adding a crate subscription could be a great opportunity for an LGS looking to expand. If you've been thinking about starting one of your own, you have to listen to this episode. 

Over the course of this episode we also talk about:

  • CCG crate subscriptions
  • Aaron and Kevin's vision for the future of Derium's CCGs
  • Organizing tournaments as part of the business
  • The hottest new game in the community, Force of Will
  • Building a bar-cade business
  • How to integrate online sales with an offline business
  • How to sell online and still make a profit
  • How to learn new games and then sell them and why you want to

A couple resources mentioned during the show: Go nuts on board game, learn an immense amount of nearly every board game in print. A cool resource for keeping up to date on the competitive Magic metagame. One of the best places to sell cards online.

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