MVP023: Nerdish Haven – The Story Of How To Start An LGS With $500 And A Laptop

Today's episode of the Manaverse Podcast features Aaron Tillman. He’s the proud owner of Nerdish Haven in Coffeyville Kansas. In this episode we explore an LGS in the very first days of it’s existence. That’s because Nerdish Haven opened it doors for the first time on June 1st this year. Instead of the usual interviews with owners whose stores have been open for years, we’re going to the ground floor, the early days of a brand new LGS.

Aaron and I talk about the way he built up the local community before he opened the business and then how he and his wife have really jumped in to building up the store as fast as they can. Contrary to what many past guests have said about how much money you need to start a basic LGS, Nerdish Haven is a great example of the bootstrap method. You’ll probably be surprised by how much money they used to get started and how much they’ve grown in only two months.

Nerdish Haven is working on getting a Pokemon deck into the hands of every single middle school student in Coffeyville right now and if you want to help support their quest check out the page and donate.

All that and more in this week's episode of the Manaverse Podcast. Check out Nerdish Haven on Facebook and online, and if you liked this episode, check out last week's episode where I break down the concepts of player progression and investing into your Magic community.