MVP020: Black Diamond Games, Gary Ray, and the Magic Bubble

gary rayGary Ray on the Magic: the Gathering bubble

On today's episode my featured guest is Gary Ray, the owner of Black Diamond Games in Concord, California. Gary has been around the block when it comes to the game trade, he's managed to build up an excellent LGS over the last 11 years. But Gary can be a stern mentor, he'll be the first guy to tell you that the games business is tough and most people shouldn't bother. You need to have a burning passion for the gaming community in order to make it. If you have the first part down, combine that with some serious business skills and you have a recipe for success.

Gary has some controversial opinions and he's not afraid to share them, we get into all that and more.

Resources mentioned during the episode:

Check out Black Diamond Games on Facebook and don't forget, Amazon Prime Day is coming up. That may be a great time to pick up a few books and sharpen some of those business skills Gary mentions.