MVP015: Exploring The Little Shop Of Magic With John Coviello

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Today’s episode features John Coviello as the man of the hour. John is the mind behind Little Shop of Magic in Las Vegas, Nevada. Don’t let the “little” in the name fool you. It may have once been little but 3000 square feet of games would hardly be called little by most of us. We talk getting started, the origins of the Magic community, organized play, on top of some more thoughtful and personal topics.

If you’re looking for insights into building a better store and a bigger community of gamers, you’ll find some gems in what John is sharing today. If you’re looking for a more casual conversation on the Magic and games industry, we’ve got that as well.

During the course of the episode we talk about:

  • Motivation, your own and your customer’s
  • The difficulties that can come up with partnerships
  • Moderating your customer’s behaviour
  • Making conventions part of your business
  • The difference between a hangout and a business
  • Getting past the cult of personality that many store owners create accidentally
  • Hiring leaders instead of followers

Listen for John’s definition of success near the end of the episode, and you’ll get a good idea why his customers love him and his business. Check them out on Facebook and Twitter, say hi and tell them the Manaverse Podcast sent you.

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