MVP014: How To Get Your Game Idea Published While Playing Magic On The High Seas

The featured guest on today's podcast is Steve Port, perhaps you've heard of him? If not him, chances are one of his products has certainly crossed your path. Here's a brief list of the things Steve has added to the Magic community:

This episode has three major parts. During the first third of the show Steve and I discuss his experience owning and operating two successful game stores. The journey from opening the doors the first time to going into the details of selling the business to move on to other projects.

The second act focuses on Steve's story of Foretold. Steve was a major player in getting Foretold from game idea to polished game design all the way to published game on the shelves of stores everywhere. If you have ever been curious what the process is to get a game published, Steve's story is a great place to start learning.

The final act of the show is all about the Magic Cruise. As much as I would have loved to attend GP Vegas, the biggest Magic tournament in history, the Magic Cruise is still my dream Magic vacation. By the end of this episode I would bet you're going to be trying to figure out how the Magic Cruise can be your next vacation this year.

Seriously, check out everything Steve is a part of, you'll thank me and Steve later.