MVP013: Metal Galaxy, A Ninja Star In Space

Pascal Espinosa joins us on the Manaverse Podcast today. Pascal is the owner of Metal Galaxy in Calgary, Alberta where Magic is currently thriving. Not only does Metal Galaxy have a past podcast guest (MVP008) in their backyard with Gordan Johansen`s Sentry Box, Pascal also competes against his previous business, Trilogy.

Despite a bunch of the best game stores in Canada being just next door to his shop, Pascal has carved out a niche that is working very well for his business.

On today`s episode Pascal shares how he built two game stores from scratch, selling the first and then doing it again. He also shares how he caters to a niche within an already niche community and why his store is successful because of it.

Pascal has also contributed an article to Manaverse Saga that you should check out if you haven't yet. Find out if you have the trait necessary to build a successful LGS and give Pascal some love.

The good stuff:

  • Building custom products for your customers
  • Starting from scratch twice
  • Identifying what your community needs and filling that need
  • Social media and advertising
  • How to create a powerful loyalty program

Next week, we are going to explore the huge world of Magic events and game publishing. Steve Port comes on the podcast to share his experience running major Magic tournaments and the Magic cruise with Legion Events as well as his story taking Foretold from game idea to published product. If you have ever designed a game of your own and wanted to get the inside track on getting that game published, the next episode is one you will not want to miss.