MVP012: Building a Massive Magic Community at the Dragon’s Lair

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Chris Fedor comes onto the Manaverse Podcast to talk about the pinnacle of geek culture in Austin, Texas, the Dragon's Lair. We chat briefly about the history of the Dragon's Lair and how it grew from a small business in a house 20 years ago into the place to play Magic in Austin

As the assistant events manager, Chris oversees the growth and development of the local Magic community. He also organizes the events that draw in around 50 players almost every day of the week to play.

We go over the philosophy behind the business responsible for creating such an excellent and loyal community of Magic players. It also extends to gaming and geek culture in general. Check out the pictures on their Facebook page. The Dragon's Lair is filled with people who are passionate about geekery and celebrate their community.

The bullet point list:

  • How to consistently fill your game tables over the summer vacation
  • Managing the behaviour of troublesome players
  • A simple strategy for acquiring your singles inventory and keeping your binders stocked
  • How your location may be limiting your growth potential
  • Being aware of pop culture trends
  • How to avoid pissing off your customers
  • The secret to building a loyal community

Next week, we are going to talk to Pascal Espinosa. Pascal is the owner of Metal Galaxy and has contributed an article of his own to Manaverse Saga which you should check out. Find out if you have what it takes to build a great LGS.

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