MVP011: The Advantage Of Selling Magic Cards Over The Internet With

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The 11th episode of the Manaverse Podcast features Peter Sonegra, one of two owners of Card Advantage is a rapidly growing online retailer of everybody's favourite game, Magic: the Gathering, but it wasn't always this way. Peter and his partner have gone from the smaller vendors you would see at a local tournament and turned that effort into a successful online shop.

Peter talks about the strategies he used to build relationships with the local game stores before getting started with the website as well as how he found a partner that wanted the same results he did. If you're looking for the behind the scenes details of running an eCommerce Magic site, get ready to take notes.

During the episode we talk about:

  • How to build consignment relationships
  • The best ecommerce platform for Magic cards
  • How to get customers to find you online
  • The impact of the exchange rate on an internet business
  • Will Magic ever go away?
  • Magic as an eSport

If you want to sit in on a more casual conversation about Magic, eSports, the failure of MODO, and Shandalar, that's in this episode too. Check out for your Magic single needs, especially if you're in Canada!