MVP010: Battling the Minotaur Inside Labyrinth Games

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The double digit episode of the Manaverse Podcast is here. Today I talk with Kathleen Donahue and Judy Thomas. Kathleen owns Labyrinth Games & Puzzles in Washington, DC and Judy handles the Magic side.. "Labyrinth Games is a family-friendly, community-focused store featuring a wide selection of non-electronic, specialty games, puzzles, and mazes" to quote their website.

Kathleen has created a business that provides a unique experience for her customers. The family friendly atmosphere plays into the focus on games like chess and puzzles and is a haven for younger players. Magic is just one piece of the puzzle (badoom-tish) that makes Labyrinth Games a successful shop.

During the course of the episode we talk about:

  • The importance of hiring people who have the knowledge you don't
  • The difficulties in running an LGS in a metropolitan downtown area
  • How local schools can increase your business
  • Dealing with a bureaucracy
  • Finding a balance in your business, for your customers and yourself

One thing I find funny having talked to quite a few game store entrepreneurs at this point is that when asked for stories, most people draw a blank initially. A few seconds after saying their not sure they have any a flood of awesome stories hit them. Personally, I find the stories we share with each other to have some of the deepest meaning. Game stores are a gold mine for great stories which leads to the questions of the day.