MVP009: Rock The Dragon With Jenn Haines

Today on the Manaverse Podcast, we bring on Jenn Haines. She owns The Dragon in Guelph, Ontario and she owns one the best comic book and game stores in the world. She has the award to prove it too, the Will Eisner Award to be precise. Jenn knows her stuff when it comes to community building and promoting her business.

The Dragon is crushing it right now and is a great example you can use to model a successful store. Jenn’s got an awesome yet simple strategy that any game store could adopt and see results immediately.

Excellent products. Excellent service. Bring the highest value to your customers you can. Do that and it will be hard not to succeed.

A few words about the midnight prereleases we talk about during the show. If you’re planning on running a midnight tournament for the next release of Magic: the Gathering, do yourself and your customers a favour. Make it four rounds no matter how many players show up and flatten out the prize payout. 4-0, 3-1, and 2-2 should all get some number of packs. Crunch the numbers so it makes sense for your business and your players.

There’s no need to make it any more difficult to finish an event that starts at midnight than it already is. Your players and your staff will appreciate it.

On this episode we go over:

  • The Will Eisner Award process
  • The impact of running an LGS in a mall instead of a stand alone location
  • How your personality is an extension of your business
  • The importance of having a manager you can rely on
  • Why you shouldn’t try to compete on margin
  • How to be adaptable and go with the flow
  • Dealing with and overcoming failure

Some links mentioned during the show:

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