MVP006: The Power Of The Acronym, JBC And Just By Chance Games

In today's episode, we have a conversation with Larissa Loomes. Larissa is one of three owners of my friendly local game shop Just by Chance Games (or JBC as I know it) in Waterloo, Ontario. We talk in depth about the early days of a brand new store. The planning stages, the research, the resources. The ethics of opening a game store instead of an alternative business. Then we go into the present and find out what is creating results for the business today.

We also talk about the importance of being able to pivot and change direction. Many entrepreneurs have a certain vision in mind for their business when they just get started but over the course of time discover their vision doesn't match the reality. A successful business must be flexible and adaptable and changes with the needs of its community. JBC is a prime example.

During this episode we go over:

  • Recovering from disaster when your store gets flooded
  • Working with other local game stores in your area
  • How to use feedback from your community
  • The importance of having support to get through the inevitable tough times
  • Going back in time

If you're in Waterloo, check out Just by Chance Games and say hi. Come by on a Tuesday night and maybe you'll see me playing Modern.

Next week on the Manaverse Podcast, our featured guest is Gabe Escobedo. Gabe is one of the hardest working entrepreneurs in the game business. He owns and operates Game Haven in Overland, MO. Check out MVP007 for the scoop on Gabe.