MVP005: The 411 On 401 Games

In this episode, we talk with Zoran Dobrijevic. He's the general manager of 401 Games in Toronto, Ontario. Zoran is the Magic specialist for one of the largest game stores in Ontario. Using a unique strategy that most game stores dismiss, 401 Games grew from a convenience store to one of the most respected game stores in Toronto and TO is not exactly a small market. Between Hairy Tarantula and Face to Face Games, 401 has some tough competition and has still managed to thrive.

Zoran shares a bunch of great ways that any store owner can use to improve their business. One of the most important lessons you should take away from this interview is that "players provide the content for other players in your store." Zoran provides an in depth explanation as to why you should encourage players to spend time at your store, whether or not they are also spending money.

Also during this episode we go over:

  • Some crazy customer stories only an urban downtown location would have
  • Building a community of players
  • How to deal with thieves who break into your store
  • The importance of location, location, location
  • Why insurance for your Magic inventory is a waste of money

If you're in Toronto, check out 401 Games, you won't regret it. The next episode of the Manaverse Podcast, MVP006 our featured guest is a local, Larissa Loomes. Larissa is one of three owners of my local haunt, Just by Chance Games in Waterloo. Next time, it's personal.