MVP004.5: Special PucaTrade Edition

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In this special edition of the Manaverse Podcast we talk with Eric Freytag, the visionary behind PucaTrade is the premier online trading platform for Magic: the Gathering cards. PucaTrade lowers the barrier to playing your favourite decks by making it easier to get the cards you need without spending a tonne of your hard earned cash.

We also go over the PucaTrade indiegogo campaign, dubbed the Development Storm. Eric talks about his vision for trading Magic cards on the internet the part he want PucaTrade to play in the future.

During this episode we go over:

  • Running a crowdfunding campaign
  • Building a winning team
  • Why Magic is the best game in the world
  • Keeping a complex online economy working properly
  • The current PucaTrade campaign to build revolutionary new features

Links and resources mentioned during the show:

Help support the PucaTrade campaign with a donation and get yourself some perks and then share the campaign on Facebook and Twitter. Indiegogo has all the tools you need to easily tell your friends and get the word out.

Next Friday we return to our regularly scheduled Manaverse Podcast with MVP005 featuring Zoran Dobrijevic of 401 Games in Toronto. Try pronouncing that last name right the first time. I sure didn't.