MVP003: Adventurer’s Wanted, Quarter Available

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teach magicIn this episode, we chat with Jacob Alden Stanley. He's the owner of Adventurer's Quarter in Denver, Colorado. We chat about what makes AQ a solid business. Hint: listening to what your customers are telling you is a good first step. As a relatively young venture, AQ is a good example of how to grow a store using technology and social media. Jacob being active on Twitter and Facebook as well as writing interesting content for his store's site has been a key component to his store's success.

That combined with a powerful foundation of effective customer service makes AQ a great place to play and a great example for other entrepreneurs in the business.

In this episode we talk about:

  • Social media and staying in touch with your customers
  • Finding distributors
  • Outlasting other game stores, how to find your product/market fit
  • How to serve a mature gamer community with new services
  • More on how Yelp may bite you in the ass
  • Launching a new store

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As a side note, it's a bad idea to record a podcast if you have a cold. Next week on the Manaverse Podcast we're going to meet Michael Russo, the owner of Universe Games.