MVP001: A world far, far away with Brad Ashton Haiste

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In this episode of the Manaverse Podcast, we talk with Brad Ashton Haiste. He's the owner of Worlds Away in London, Ontario. Worlds Away is the premier LGS in London and has a thriving, passionate community of players. Brad has been working in the business since 1998, starting out in the flea market and progressing all the way to newly minted Advanced Plus store.worlds away front

In this session we talk about:

  • Growing a store's local community
  • Working within WotC's WPN program
  • Selling Magic cards online and offline and how to manage doing both at the same time
  • Cheater stories (every store has had a few)
  • He also mentions a city that has a lot of untapped potential that a new game store could take advantage of

When you're done this episode, check out MVP000 and MVP002. In MVP002 I interview Dan Hoffman of Canton Games, recently voted "the best game store in Baltimore".

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