MVP059: Guardian Games and Fostering a Magic Community with Gene Joo


Guardian Games, the Grandest Game Store in Portland is the subject of this episode of the Manaverse Podcast. Gene Joo is the special guest today, he’s the Magic Department Manager of Guardian Games in Portland, and he shares the strategies that he’s used to build up and foster a thriving Magic community. A strategy that has been critical to Guardian Games continued success. We get into what it takes to start a community from scratch, but also how to keep a Magic … Read More

The 7 Immutable Rules of Running Magic Tournaments


One of the major factors in making Magic: the Gathering successful and popular is how well Wizards supports the game with an organized play program. The strength of organized play has set the game above the other CCG’s. Taking advantage of the systems in place is critical to building a great Magic shop. The events that make up your weekly schedule will have a huge effect on your overall sales. Filling your calendar with a variety of events will promote … Read More

Streaming Magic: the Gathering On – The LGS Tech Guide


Streaming is the future If you’ve never heard of before, you will soon. essentially allows millions of viewers to watch other people play games live over the internet. It originally focused on PC games like Minecraft and League of Legends but quickly expanded to console games and live streaming. According to Wikipedia: “As of mid-2013, there were over 43 million viewers on Twitch monthly, with the average viewer watching an hour and a half a day. As of February … Read More

MVP036: Checkmate with Black Knight Games


The featured guest on today’s episode of the Manaverse Podcast is Jay Mason-Grant. Jay is the owner of Black Knight Games in Hamilton, Ontario.  Jay has a pretty interesting origin story for how he got into the business, and yet the path he took is often overlooked by those who want to build their own LGS. Running an LGS is quite the undertaking so any experience you can get before hand can give you a decent advantage over those who just jump … Read More

MVP032: How To Run Massive Magic Tournaments And Other LGS Secrets With Kelly Ackerman Of Face To Face Toronto Part 1

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Welcome to another episode of the Manaverse Podcast. We’re continuing the Face To Face Games series today, this time we’re back in Toronto with Kelly Ackerman. Kelly is the co-owner of the newest iteration of the Face To Face business, the aptly named Face To Face Toronto. This is part one of an awesome 2 part interview I recorded with Kelly and he is the current record holder for longest intro on the podcast so far. Thirty five minutes of this … Read More

MVP031: Captain Canada Talks Being On The Pro Tour, Content Creation, And Building


In this edition of the Manaverse Podcast and over the next few weeks, I am excited feature one of the most well known names in Canadian Magic. This particular episode our guest has competed on the Pro Tour twice, created and built the online home of Canadian Magic, hosts one of the best MTG podcasts on the internet The Eh Team, and recently became the media coordinator for Face To Face Games in Montreal. That’s right, today we’re talking to Kar Yung … Read More

MVP018: Pat’s Games And The Castle That Magic Built


Today’s episode of the Manaverse Podcast features a woman whose store is literally a castle. Pat Johnson comes on the show to talk about her aptly named store Pat’s Games. Pat has a fairly unique business. Most local game stores put a lot of emphasis on the games part of the LGS acronym but Pat took her store in a more focused direction. Pat’s Games is specialized exclusively on Magic and she’s crushing it. We talk about how Pat’s Games went … Read More

MVP014: How To Get Your Game Idea Published While Playing Magic On The High Seas


The featured guest on today’s podcast is Steve Port, perhaps you’ve heard of him? If not him, chances are one of his products has certainly crossed your path. Here’s a brief list of the things Steve has added to the Magic community: Misty Mountain Games Legion Games Legion Supplies – creator of the ever popular bacon sleeves Legion Events – organizer of many Grand Prix tournaments across the United States The Magic Cruise – the coolest Magic tournament ever conceived. More Magic events should occur on … Read More

The new (slightly longer) path to the Pro Tour and what it means for you


The game has changed. In the past two years the growth of Magic and the tournament scene has been both a boon and a curse. I’m sure everyone has heard a horror story or two about a PTQ that was run catastrophically. Too many players, not enough seats. Registration gets delayed by 60 minutes. A top 8 playoff being moved into the Tim Horton’s next door because the event ran past midnight and the venue is closing. All kinds of … Read More

Running a Magic Tournament Part Deux


So GP Richmond is happening this weekend and will likely if not certainly be the biggest constructed Magic event in history. It may even cap out at 5000 players if the registration trends continue to hold. This is an absurd number of people in one spot playing Magic for a weekend. Even as little as two years ago this kind of turnout was unheard of, an impossibility. But with Magic’s incredible growth in the past few years we have seen … Read More

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