MVP057: Breakout Games, Surprise Winners, Unexpected Stinkers, And The Lessons Of 2016 Round Table


In this episode of the Manaverse Podcast, the hosts of the show look back on 2016 and do a postmortem report. It’s always a good idea to look back on what went right and what went wrong. You can learn some … Read More

MVP052: Optimizing Your Product Mix


In today’s episode of the Manaverse Podcast Wayne hosts John and I at Dueling Grounds in Toronto and we discuss the variety of ways a game store owner can build their shop’s inventory. We go over the product mix matrix … Read More

MVP036: Checkmate with Black Knight Games


The featured guest on today’s episode of the Manaverse Podcast is Jay Mason-Grant. Jay is the owner of Black Knight Games in Hamilton, Ontario.  Jay has a pretty interesting origin story for how he got into the business, and yet … Read More

MVP035: Player 2 Press Start – KW Vintage Games


KW Vintage Games – from retro to cardboard Joaquim Mendes is quite the character.  Our guest today is the owner of one of the most unique shops in Kitchener, Ontario. Within the walls of his relatively small store is virtually … Read More

MVP024: Bampot Tea, The Trendiest Board Game Cafe In Toronto


Today’s show features Alex Moore. Alex is the chef and board game manager at Bampot, a board game cafe in Toronto. Bampot, or the full version: Bampot: Bohemian House of Tea and Board Games is a trendy place that offers loose … Read More

MVP020: Black Diamond Games, Gary Ray, and the Magic Bubble

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Gary Ray on the Magic: the Gathering bubble On today’s episode my featured guest is Gary Ray, the owner of Black Diamond Games in Concord, California. Gary has been around the block when it comes to the game trade, he’s … Read More

MVP018: Pat’s Games And The Castle That Magic Built


Today’s episode of the Manaverse Podcast features a woman whose store is literally a castle. Pat Johnson comes on the show to talk about her aptly named store Pat’s Games. Pat has a fairly unique business. Most local game stores put … Read More

MVP014: How To Get Your Game Idea Published While Playing Magic On The High Seas


The featured guest on today’s podcast is Steve Port, perhaps you’ve heard of him? If not him, chances are one of his products has certainly crossed your path. Here’s a brief list of the things Steve has added to the … Read More