The end of the Panini DBZ TCG era, the beginning of a new one

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For those who haven’t heard the news, Panini, the company that published the Dragon Ball Z TCG has decided to pull the plug on the game. Check out the announcement on Panini’s website here: Panini’s decision was essentially motivated by the introduction of a competing game published by Bandai … Read More

Stolen Identity sucks in real life

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I understand how Slim Shady felt way back in the day when all he wanted was for the real Slim Shady to please stand up. Being impersonated is strange. Somewhat flattering, but mostly just annoying. So this is the story. My wife and I are currently looking for a new … Read More

Great Divides

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A recent scandal has taken place this past weekend. Circulating the internet as a collection of photos known as “GP Richmond Crackstyle”, one enterprising individual decided to photograph himself next to as many exposed butt cracks he could find. While amusing for those viewing the pictures of breezy posteriors next … Read More